How To Change Bluetooth Name On Iphone ?


How To Change Bluetooth Name On Iphone ? when you connect your iPhone to various devices using Bluetooth, it’s often identified by a generic name like “iPhone” or “John’s iPhone.” However, personalizing the Bluetooth name can add a unique touch and make your device easier to identify among others.

How To Change Bluetooth Name On Iphone ?

Why Change Bluetooth Name?

Changing the Bluetooth name serves both functional and creative purposes. Functionally, it helps distinguish your device when connecting to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as speakers, smart watches, or car systems. Creatively, it allows you to show off your personality or make a statement.

Step by Step Guide to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone

Backing Up Your Device

Before making any changes, it’s always a good practice to back up your iPhone. This ensures that your data is safe in case something goes wrong during the process.

Access Bluetooth Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll down and tap Bluetooth.

Edit Bluetooth Name

  • In Bluetooth Settings, you’ll see a list of devices your iPhone is connected to.
  • Locate the device you want to change the name for and tap on the “i” icon next to it.
  • On the device details screen, you will see the current Bluetooth name. Tap on it.
  • A text field will appear, allowing you to edit the name.
    Once you have entered the desired name, press “Done”.
  • Best practices for choosing a Bluetooth name
    keep it unique and personal

Choose a name that reflects your personality or helps you easily identify the device. Avoid common names that may lead to confusion.

Avoid Sensitive Information

Do not use personal information such as your phone number or address in the Bluetooth name to ensure your privacy and security.

note the length

Keep the name relatively short and memorable. Long names may be truncated on some devices, causing confusion. How does Bluetooth work

Benefits of personalizing your Bluetooth name

Customizing the Bluetooth name offers many benefits, including:
Easy identification: quickly identify your device in a list of available Bluetooth connections.
Personalization: inject a little of your personality or creativity into your device.
Convenience: Simplify the pairing process, especially when connecting to multiple devices.
Common Troubleshooting Name
Change Not Reflected

If you’ve changed the Bluetooth name but it’s not reflected, try turning your device’s Bluetooth off and on or restarting your iPhone.

Connectivity Issues

If you’re having connectivity issues after changing the Bluetooth name, make sure the device you’re trying to connect to is compatible and supports the new name format.


Personalizing your iPhone’s Bluetooth name is a simple yet effective way to enhance your device’s identity and make it uniquely yours. By following the easy steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly customize your Bluetooth name and enjoy the benefits of easy recognition and personalization.


can i change the bluetooth name to Emoji?

Yes, you can use Emoji to change the Bluetooth name, adding a fun and unique twist.

will changing the bluetooth name affect its functionality?

No, changing the Bluetooth name is purely cosmetic and will not affect the functionality of the device.

how often can i change the bluetooth name?

You can change the Bluetooth name as often as you like, allowing for unlimited customization.

can i reset bluetooth name to default?

Yes, there is an option to revert to the default Bluetooth name if needed.

do other devices see the new Bluetooth name?

Yes, once changed, the new Bluetooth name will be visible to other devices during the pairing process.

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